The Southwest Charm of Scottsdale

Since we travelled several times last year... Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, Chicago,Β  and back to Seattle... we put the breaks on the year 2019. But, the hustle keeps going. With one last trip to start 2019 off, Phoenix would be our last scheduled travel destination this year.. (of course that is subject to change … Continue reading The Southwest Charm of Scottsdale

Hair Masks: A Spa Treatment for Your Locks

Like facial masks, foot massages, manicure and pedicure treatments, your hair deserves a little more then just a wash. Especially if your color treating your hair or bleaching it, like myself, there is so much ware and tear that happens from beauty products to everyday environmental factors. Hair masks and leave-in treatments are one of … Continue reading Hair Masks: A Spa Treatment for Your Locks